Joker no Kuni no Alice ~Yoake Mae ni Miru Yume~ (ジョーカーの国のアリス 〜夜明け前にみる夢〜) is volume one in a manga adaption of Joker no Kuni no Alice that focuses on Nightmare Gottschalk. It is part of The Nightmare Trilogy.


Alice has been living in the Clover Tower for a while now, and now that it is April Season, she is able to see Julius again and has met Joker, who is in charge of the circus that all roleholders must regularly attend. Nightmare isn't very pleased, and comes up with ways to both keep her attention and slack off from work. These mini adventures serve to unsettle Alice, who can't get away from his steady, penetrating gaze. Yet because the people of Wonderland all fear Nightmare, Alice tries whatever she can to get people to see that Nightmare isn't all that frightening. But what will happen when she wakes up?