Renai Otogibanashi ~ToyBox~ (恋愛おとぎ話~Toy Box~) is a collection of stories featuring characters from the Heart and Clover no Kuni no Alice, Arabians Lost and Crimson Empire.

It was localized in English as: Alice Love Fables ~Toy Box~.


Tales of love abound in Wonderland, especially where Alice is concerned. Whether it's the March Hare, the Clockmaker, Gray Ringmarc, or Blood Dupre, Alice has many admirers and she just can't make up her mind who she likes best.

This anthology chronicles the many loves of Alice Liddell, and also features a story about the love between a prince and a maid in Crimson Empire, and the love between an assassin and a princess in Arabians Lost, and much more!


no Kuni no Alice

Crimson Empire

Arabians Lost

  • Curtis Nile
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