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Pierce Villiers (ピアス=ヴィリエ) has the role of the Dormouse and is also an insomniac. He originally lived with the Hatter family, but left after the Bloody Twins and Boris became friends and started bullying him.


He has green eyes and brown mouse ears on top of his head. He also wears a hat sided to the right side on top of his head.


Pierce comes across first as a hyperactive, skittish boy, scared of everything that's the slightest bit dangerous. He doesn't have a normal view of the world, possibly because of his job in the Hatter Family, specifically burying bodies to hide the clocks but also making sure people are dead and torturing people for information. Because he drinks so much black coffee, he tends to have very high energy, and then crash afterwards. Pierce is kissy — he will try to kiss anyone he likes or thinks is cute, whether male or female. Although he is not exactly childish, Pierce is a crybaby and does not stick up for himself when threatened by anyone or anything. He is not very smart, rarely thinking things through, and is very gullible, but on occasion his logic is surprising. He tends to say whatever comes to mind without filtering it.


Pierce works for the hatter family as the grave digger, burying the faceless. Because of that, he interferes with Julius's work, which causes Ace to chase him.

He was tortured by The Twins and Boris and ran away when they became friends.


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  • Pierce is not in the movie


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  • Pierce can change to the size of a mouse at will. However, he does not appear to have a "mouse form," just as Boris does not have a "cat form."


  • "So you see, you see, I love rabbits! Rabbits are cute!"