Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Koi Suru Ibara no Meikyuu~ (ハートの国のアリス 恋する茨の迷宮), or Alice in the Country of Hearts ~Love Labyrinth of Thorns~, is an adaptation of Heart no Kuni no Alice available on Ichijinsha Zero-Sum's online site, and in manga form, and it focuses on Alice and Julius.


Alice is an Outsider trying to find her way in a crazy new world. Julius is the Clockmaker, shunned by other role-holders and living like a hermit. Both have shut away their hearts behind walls of thorny vines. But when a meddling outside force turns those metaphorical thorns into something very real, both Alice and Julius must confront their own hears and admit what they really feel. Otherwise they could both remain trapped in the labyrinth of thorns forever!

Other Summary

Unwillingly drawn into the Country of Hearts, Alice decides to make her place of stay the Clock Tower. However the fights between Alice and Julius the Watchmaker don't seem to be stopping any soon. The limits of those days will soon be reached. At the time, on the verge of explosion, the dream demon Nightmare whispers gently...



  • Koi Suru Ibara no Meikyuu is the first Alice manga available to read online for free


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