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The Heart no Kuni no Alice OVA (ハートの国のアリス OVA) was an OVA intended to be based on Heart no Kuni no Alice. However, production was cancelled.


The OVA was announced and originally was set to come out November of 2008. The OVA was going to be created by Minamimachi Bugyousho, a company that is usually an anime subcontractor. The Heart no Kuni no Alice OVA was going to be the first anime they created.[1]


  • All voice actors of main characters from Heart no Kuni no Alice were planned to be in the OVA
  • Producer: 花坂優理
  • Director: 鈴木薫
  • Draft/Screenplay: 五月攻
  • Animation and Character Design/DrawingDirector: 中野りょうこ
  • Background Artist: 草薙
  • Art Director: 川本亜夕
  • Art Setting: 成田偉保
  • Sound Director: 亀山俊樹
  • Animation Production: 南町奉行所 [2]