The Heart no Kuni no Alice Movie Fanbook (劇場版・ハートの国のアリス) (lit Alice in the Country of Hearts Theatrical Edition) is the fanbook for the Heart no Kuni no Alice movie.

Included in the book:

  • Illustrations
  • Character introductions
  • Plot (not sure if it is the plot of the movie or the game)
  • Interview with the cast and staff
  • Storyboard and original picture (not sure what 'original picture' means)
  • Manga short by Mamenosuke Fujimaru
  • Rough sketches

The fanbook released around the time that the movie did, so the fanbook contains almost no spoilers. This can be viewed as good or bad. Much of the fanbook is 'behind the scenes' looks into the production with rough sketches and interviews. Not much 'new' information about the series is present.

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