Crysta Snowpigeon (クリスタ=スノーピジョン) is the Queen of Diamonds. Her white pigeon-like name and her neat and clean appearance symbolizes peace but her tastes are far off from peaceful or gentle. She freezes what she likes and stores them in her collection. The number one things she wants to freeze the most are Nightmare and Alice. She is able to switch her appearance between a child and an adult at will. 


Crysta can appear as both a child and an adult. She has light silver hair and always wears a yellow lily behind her left ear. Her eyes are light yellow-green. As an adult she has a very mature body and possibly is unaware of it; she has been seen squishing Alice into her chest. As an adult, she has light silver long hair but as a child, she has light silver short hair up to the bottom of her ears.


Whether Crysta is actually a child or adult is uncertain; however, her selfish and often rash behavior, as well as her love of playing pranks, imply that she is indeed a child. She strongly dislikes work and will find ways to skip out of it, and when Sidney manages to get her actually DO her work, she often complains. Overall she's very cheerful, and she loves cute things, especially rabbits. She has been known to dress Alice in a bunny outfit like Sidney's simply because she wants another rabbit around. Crysta gets lonely easily, and when she believes someone is going to leave her, she freezes them to keep them around - she can freeze anything instantly, even people, and she adores her collection of frozen things.


Little is known about Crysta's background. In a short comic of Sidney's in the Daiya no Kuni fanbook, Sidney noticed when they first met that she was lonely, implying that she did not have anyone who wanted to interact with her and that, like him, she was abandoned.


Diamond no Kuni no Alice

Diamond no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful MIRROR World~


Crysta is not featured in any official manga, novels, drama CD's, the movie, or the musical.



  • Crysta is an excellent speaker despite her young age and thus her explanations are very easy to understand.
  • She loves fruity and vanilla treats, which, thanks to the color, causes arguments with Sidney.
  • The King of Diamonds is not around because Crysta has frozen him.
  • While she sneaks out often, she does not dislike work; she merely enjoys playing and wishes that Sidney would play with her.


  • ¨Fufu, what a cute girl. It would seem you are not quite used to this world just yet......Your reactions are most amusing¨
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