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Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~ (クローバーの国のアリス~Wonderful Wonder World~) is the second installment in the Heart no Kuni no Alice series and the direct sequel to Heart no Kuni no Alice. It was originally released in December 2007 for PC and later released for the PS2 and PSP.


Clover no Kuni no Alice starts on the basis that Alice stayed in Wonderland but didn't fall in love with any of the roleholders. However, she is now good friends with all the roleholders from the Country of Heart. Julius and Gowland have stayed behind in the Country of Hearts and two new roleholders are introduced - Gray Ringmarc and Pierce Villiers.The game begins with Alice finding out that she's now in the Country of Clover due to the 'moving'. In Clover all the roleholders have to attend meetings together, hosted by Nightmare Gottschalk, the lord of the Tower of Clover. Also, Alice is able to visit the forest where there are marine animals and doors that talk to her.

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In Clover no Kuni no Alice, there is a love ending for each character plus seven additional endings. There's the two premature endings - Bad End 1 and Bad End 2 which happens if you don't fulfill certain criteria. The other five endings are the Forest of Door, Mafia, Hatter, Rose Garden and Mad Twins End.

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