This is a summary of Blood's love route in Heart no Kuni no Alice and Anniversary no Kuni no Alice.

Stay Route

Intruding Blood's Room

I Only Wanted to Borrow a Book

Reading in Blood's Room

Blood is a Lady Killer?

Blood Looks Like...

Interested in the Foreigner Woman

Is it Fun to do These Things?

Blood's Consolation

Do You Like Sofas?

Why Are You Moved to Tears...

Wanting to be On the Sofa Forever...

I'm Not Obsessive Over the Sofa

Touching is a Fun Way to Kill Time

But You're Supposed to be a Busy Person

Sliding out of the Sitting Position

Please Let Me Take Care of You

Did You Want Elliot Here?

Please Don't Disturb My Book Search

Alice Likes it Better than Reading

Alice's Standpoint

It's Troublesome

I Can't Let You Go Back

Sooner or Later I Have to Return


Non-Stay Route