Alice in the Country of Clover ~Ace of Hearts~ (クローバーの国のアリス ~ハートの騎士~ Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Heart no Kishi~) is an adaptation of Clover no Kuni no Alice that is focused on Ace. It also has two short Crimson Empire stories.


After the world moves to the Country of Clover, Alice finds herself missing Julius. She's not the only one; in fact, the Knight of Hearts, Ace, doesn't even seem to be acting the same now that Julius is gone. Ace is more unpredictable, and there's a darker side of him that Alice has never seen before. Despite that, she stays close to him, because they both miss Julius. Even when Gray warns Alice repeatedly to be careful of Ace, she just smiles and replies that she knows he's dangerous. Ace's unsettling advances are only making things more difficult...